10 Cheapest and Low Cost Online Colleges per Credit hour out of State

10 Low-Cost Online Colleges for Out-of-State Students

The U.S. News Short List, apart from our overall rankings, is a regular series that enlarges individual data points in the hope of giving students and parents a way to find superior undergraduate or postgraduate programs or have room to grow in certain areas. Be sure to explore the short list: colleges, The Shortlist: School grad and short list: online programs to find data that is important to you in college or graduate search schools.

As tuition fees continue to increase in many colleges throughout the U.S., registration of online courses is also on the upward trajectory, making more affordable and flexible alternatives available to students.

10 Cheapest and Low Cost Online Colleges per Credit hour out of State

According to the College Students 2018 study online by Aslanian Market Research and Learning House, 34 percent of distance education students consider learning and costs to be the most important factors when deciding on an online program. Tuition fees and fees are usually less for students who attend tertiary institutions in the country where they live, some affordable online programs abroad are exceptions to these rules.

Among the 311 online rankings of universities that submitted this data to U.S. News in the annual survey, Georgia College of Coastal is the cheapest for Out-of-country students during the 2018-2019 school year. School fees are $ 125 per credit, for a total program cost of $ 15,000.

The average credit hour fee in the ten cheapest online undergraduate programs for Out-of-state students is $ 180. The average program fee at the school is $ 21,716.

In comparison, the average out-of-state fees for all online undergraduate program rankings are $ 472 per credit hour. For 2018-2019, the average total program cost for all ranking schools is $ 58,002.

At the higher end of the scale for Out-of-state students is MidAmerica Nazarene University, which costs $ 1,436 per credit hour for a total.

The credit hours required for undergraduate degrees vary, although most schools require 120 to graduate, per U.S. News data. Only two out of 10 online programs with the lowest fees for Out-of-State students need more than 120 credits.

Students who have previously completed an academic course can pay less than the total program fee reflected below if they have been transferred credit from another college. According to College Students online reports, 85 percent of distance learners have some college credit to move to a certain level.

Below is a list of online undergraduate programs where Out-of-state students are subject to the lowest fees per credit hour during the school year 2018-1919. Schools that are not ranked, which do not meet specific criteria required by U.S. News to be listed, not considered for this report.


College of Coastal Georgia                  $125 120 $15,000 123 (tie)
Sterling College (KS)                 $135 124 $16,740 230 (tie)
Fitchburg State University (MA) $136 120 $16,320 242 (tie)
University of North Carolina–Pembroke $188 120 $22,560 226 (tie)
Western Carolina University (NC)                 $189 120 $22,680 58 (tie)
Valley City State University (ND)                 $190 120 $22,800 173 (tie)
University of West Georgia $199 120 $23,880 217 (tie)
Georgia Southern University $204 126 $25,704 123 (tie)
Arkansas State University $210 120 $25,200 114 (tie)
Fort Hays State University (KS) $219 120 $26,280 42 (tie)

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