Best Online Business Management Programs in 2019

Bachelor's in Business Management

If you enjoy working with others, assuming a leadership role, and visualizing (and achieving) a big picture of an idea, a career in business management might be right for you. Business management covers a variety of fields, including the world of advertising that is fueled by creativity and the field of financial management focused on numbers, and they can all start with a business management degree online. Pursuing a degree in business management can open up a wealth of career choices, many with high earning potential. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for management jobs, which stands at $ 102,590, marks the highest average salary in all significant workgroups.

Best Online Business Management Programs in 2019


Some accelerated business programs may expect applicants to complete relevant business courses or hold an Associate degree. After being registered, students must complete all the required courses and maintain a minimum GPA


Yes. Students can get a bachelor's degree in business both in fully online and hybrid formats.


The business management degree prepares graduates for management-level positions in various fields of business, including marketing, human resources, financial analysis, sales, and advertising.


Business management degrees usually cover material that is the same as a standard business degree but emphasizes the principles of leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategic management.

Difficulties in business management curriculum depend on the background of students. Students with at least some experience in quantitative methods tend to excel in this program.

Accredited online Bachelor's in business management degree

University of Florida-online

Dan, Florida

The University of Florida enrolls students in 300 programs managed through 16 colleges. Students are interested in joining the Gator nation without studying on campus choosing from a variety of online applications. US News & world reports rank UF in the top five universities for online national undergraduate degrees. The school offers a BS and BA in business administration that prepares students for a variety of entry-level business careers.

Both BSBA and BABA share the same core, but once students in the BS program complete the center, they dive into advanced business studies in subjects such as entrepreneurship, finance, and real estate. BABA offers more flexibility when students pair a broad core of business skills and specialized training in one of the eight non-business fields, including sports management and mass communication.

BABA students can also choose small children, choices that are not offered by BSBA. An internship component, another difference to BABA, gives students a minimum of 150 hours of hands-on work experience completed before their senior year. Students can opt out of these requirements if they participate in six weeks of overseas study experience.

UF maintains competitive tuition rates for online students. Schools receive 60 or more transfer credits into both programs with a minimum of 2.0 GPA. Competitive applicants have a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Also, students complete all excellent courses at UF.

Florida International University

Tampa, FL, Florida

Florida International University is one of the top 100 state universities. Miami based schools offer more than 190 degrees, many delivered to virtual students. About 18 of the school programs rank in the top 100 of the United States & various World Report rankings. The virtual College offers a 120-credit BBA with a concentration in management. This degree requires the core of the University of FIU in general education courses, which some students fulfill by transferring in an Associate degree. Students also complete a solid base of business courses that cover subjects such as finance, accounting, marketing, and management.

Concentration fosters students in active management principles and practices as students explore topics such as operations management, information systems, and strategic management. They chose to complete 12 credits from a particular course to join Honors College, an achievement that attracted the attention of employers.

FIU pairs every online undergraduate with successful coaches to ensure that they receive the assistance needed for academic success. Furthermore, separate, on-demand student pairs with trained online teachers are available through Smarthinking.

Colorado State University-global Campus

Greenwood Village, CO

Colorado State University-Global Campus designed programs aimed at non-traditional students. CSU-global emphasizes professional relevance in all programs so that when students graduate, they enter a workplace equipped with skills in demand. Students obtain business operations and managerial skills when they enroll in a BS in management.

This degree includes new students and transfers students who want to complete a degree without classes in the village of Greenwood. In addition to general education subjects, participants complete 10 courses in the department. They study business law, information system design, quantitative business analysis, and how to apply management and leadership principles.

Unlike some business and online management degrees, BS in management offers a comprehensive portfolio of 15-credit specializations in subjects such as criminal justice management, data management and analysis, and emergency management. CSU-global specialization in human resources and organizational development is in line with the minimum standards set by the Society for Human Resource Management. This degree requires a boulder course that engages students in a unique business simulation experience; students conduct business, make decisions, and test strategic ideas in a risk-free environment.

CSU-global pairs of students online with free online tutors through Smarthinking. Students accelerate the completion of the degree by transferring up to 90 credits into the BS in management. While tuition fees continue to increase in many colleges, CSU-global ensures that affordable education without tuition increases for seven years. Furthermore, online students pay the same tuition rates regardless of residency. Registration requires a minimum 2.3 GPA for transfers.

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