Online Colleges for Nursing Program 2019


Flexible learning to meet future health demands

Even though it is one of the most prominent professions in the country, we need more nurses. Some say the aging population is the culprit; others cite higher birth rates and greater access to health. Regardless of why, that is how it determines the number of RNs, LPNs, and NPs that make a difference in hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the country.

Online Colleges for Nursing Program 2019

How can a country that needs nurses to get more quality RNs, LPNs, and NPs to hospitals, urgent care, and other medical clinics? Expanding higher education choices is part of the answer. The flexible and comfortable nature of online care programs makes achieving education easier than before for those who are interested in becoming a nurse. Learn more about online care programs, including what is available, how it works, and what you should evaluate before registering.

Evaluating online nursing schools

To select the online nursing school that best suits their individual goals, students will do well to investigate the content and overall performance of several programs thoroughly. Here are five things to keep an eye on when looking for:

High NCLEX Pass Prices 

The primary purpose of each treatment program must be to prepare students to pass the National Council licensing exam (NCLEX PN or RN), which is required to work as a practical nurse or licensed registered. In 2015, 85.5 percent of educated students in the US passed the first test. Each country publishes a list of breastfeeding school graduation rates online, usually over the past five years, so prospective students can check how well a particular school is stacked. However, students must remember that lower graduation rates do not mean little education but may indicate acceptance of students with more academic needs.


Another standard requirement of state licensing is graduation from an accredited school, which means one that has been evaluated by educators and assessed to provide valuable education. There are two layers of accreditation: school as a whole, as well as individual care programs. There are two accreditation institutions recognized for Nursing programs. The first is the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (formerly the National League of Commission Accreditation Nursing), or ACEN, which accredits all school levels. The second is the commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), which exclusively handles undergraduate and Masters degree programs.

Clinical / Hands-on experience

Experienced nurses provide a higher quality of care overall, pointing to the importance of clinical clocks as a barometer of success in professional settings. While tests show that students have achieved theoretical and practical knowledge, their ability to apply that experience is part of a separate skill, one that must be maintained. Currently, nurses taking part in Bridge programs may feel they need less clinical time, but non-practice nurses will find them vital. The number of clinical hours required can vary significantly between applications, so potential candidates must analyze their needs and choose plans that have sufficient hours. Although accreditation establishes clinical requirements, only 11 states and territories require a minimum number of clinical hours for ADNs.


Nurses at all levels have the opportunity to specialize. During general care programs, ADNs and BSNs will likely get exceptional experience when they complete rotation through several different wings from a hospital. For example, a new nurse may spend four months in the Oncology unit and another four months in a pediatric unit, before completing the year in Cardiology and decide where to work permanently. At the advanced level, nurses are looking for MSN and DNP needed to specialize. These postgraduate nurses must ensure the program offers programs in their specialization.

State agreement

Although the appeal of online education is that it can be done from anywhere, the reality is that state regulations and variations in educational requirements will influence the choice of school students. Completing clinical hours may be a sticking point, as certain countries do not have reciprocal agreements that allow for on-ground programs to be managed virtually. Prospective students must always check with the admissions office about state agreements before applying.

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