The Best Online Bachelor in Information Technology Degree

The Best Online Bachelor in Information Technology Degree

Online information technology undergraduate degree opens up a wide choice of career opportunities for IT professionals in the future. In an increasingly global market, businesses of all sizes depend more on the power of technology that is related. However, most people in the company do not have the expertise needed to operate and manage this system --- so the demand for quality information technology professionals, which remains high across the board.

The Best Online Bachelor in Information Technology Degree

The choice to get an online information technology degree makes pursuing an IT career more comfortable.

Accredited online Bachelor in Information Technology Degree

Online Bachelor in information technology, program ranking guidelines
We choose the following online IT degrees based on program quality, types of courses offered, Faculties, rankings, awards, and reputation, including the status of schools to effectively provide online degree programs

Penn State's world campus

University Park, Pennsylvania

The Penn State World Campus, Pennsylvania State University's online campus was launched in 1998, registering nearly 18,000 students in various undergraduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate and professional non-degree programs. By the long history of the University of Pennsylvania State with distance education (since 1892), Penn State World Campus offers the same quality of education online as a campus program from Pennsylvania State University, which is a member of the American University Association (AAU).

Penn State's world campus offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in information science and technology degree programs, with two concentration options: in integration and application; and information systems: design and development. The program prepares students to pursue careers as leaders in the IT field.

Through a balanced curriculum, the program develops a strong foundation in terms of IT fundamentals, emphasizing theory, and practice. Students are involved in coursework that includes management of programming and databases, as well as relationships between people and technology.

An online IT degree requires 125 credit hours, and includes the following core courses:

  • Information, people and technology
  • Data organization
  • Network and telecommunications
  • Discrete language, logic, and mathematics
  • Information and organization
  • The foundation of design is human-centered
  • Information on science and technology integration and problem-solving
  • Students in online programs must also complete an internship.
The Central State Commission accredits Penn State World Campus on Higher Education (MSCHE).

Arizona State University - this is online

Tempe, Arizona

The School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University provide students with a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional study programs. Dedicated to the development of industry leaders, schools offer cutting-edge education in several related IT areas. Students benefit from access to various research centers that are housed in the Ira A. Fulton engineering school, including the Embedded system center.

The school of computing, Informatics, and systems engineering decisions offers an online Bachelor of Science in information technology degree programs, with three specialization songs, including network and computer system security; Information Systems; and Enterprise Computing. The program prepares students to create practical solutions in the evolving CyberSecurity landscape.

Students are involved in direct learning, which balances practical and theoretical approaches to solving problems in information technology. Graduate students are ready to pursue a variety of information technology careers.

The online Bachelor of Science in information technology program requires 120 credit hours, and includes the following core courses:
  • Information base and computer system security
  • Network information communication technology
  • Leading company
  • Web programming for humans Computer interface
  • Wireless network
  • Company planning and implementation
  • Students in online programs must also complete a peak stone project.
Each course in the program lasts seven and a half weeks.

Arizona State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

University of Massachusetts Lowell - online and ongoing education distribution

Lowell, Massachusetts

The online and sustainable education division at the University of Massachusetts Lowell maintains a commitment to serve the unique needs of non-traditional students. With programs at all levels available in a variety of fields, the online division, and continuing education enable students of various working bodies and adult students to pursue the knowledge they need to secure the career they want. Through a curriculum that emphasizes career readiness and professional development programs, this division assists students in personal and professional progress.

The online division and continuing education of the Bachelor of Science in information technology undergraduate degree programs prepare students for a variety of careers in the IT field. Students develop a strong foundation in IT theory and practice. This program emphasizes the fundamental areas of the area, including programming, management systems, and IT ethics. The program provides a wide selection of elective courses for students to choose from, providing students with the opportunity to focus on niche areas of interest. Students can also pursue one of four focus areas, including arts and humanities; Social Sciences; Management or mathematics, science, and engineering.

An online degree in an information technology degree program requires 120 credit hours, and includes the following core courses:
  • Computer ethics
  • Technical and scientific communication
  • Discrete structure I
  • C Programming
  • Project-based information system
The University of Massachusetts Lowell is accredited by the New England Association of schools and colleges (NEASC).

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